Monday, April 30, 2012

What came first the chicken or the orange??

So, our chickens have started laying eggs. We consistently get 18 or more a day! This is a very exciting event at our house. We got the chicks, gave them food and water and tried to keep them away from Homer (he got a few -8- OOPS!). Now, they lay eggs!!! We have about 23 chickens so they aren't all laying, but they will be.

Today, was possibly the funniest chicken conversation ever...

Let me first say that our chickens (I don't know about others) will eat anything. We give them left over  lettuce, celery, watermelon, just about anything. That being said, this morning Neno gave them watermelon, oranges and celery.

When we ventured out to gather eggs this afternoon, Annabelle got really excited and yelled inside the coup to Ava Grace -

"LOOK, Ava Grace, the chickens layed ORANGES, too!!!"

Oh, that girl!!

Turns out, the chickens won't eat oranges!!

And if anyone can tell me why my pictures are loading onto Blogger like this, I would appreciate it. It is making me crazy! I promise they don't look like this on my camera or computer - UGH!!

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